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which consists of four steps - brand image, brand connotation, brand-consumer connection and consumer response, emphasizes the elements of building a strong brand and how to build a strong brand. In 1994, the American Marketing Association (AMA) included brand equity in its five research priorities to promote research in this field by the marketing academic community. In 1996, Aaker extracted the "five-star" conceptual model of brand equity from the perspective Bulk SMS Service of customer cognition, and believed that brand equity consists of five elements that are both related and distinct, as follows: Brand Awareness Perceived Brand Quality Brand Association Brand Loyalty Exclusive Brand Equity (other exclusive brand equity) In 2001, Keller and Lehmann, after summarizing related research, divided the existing measurement models of brand equity into three categories: customer perspective, product market output and financial market output, which became the main brand equity measurement model adopted by scholars. In China, since the 1990s, with the intensification of market competition and the entry of a large number of foreign brand-name products, brand equity has also attracted the attention of domestic marketing academia and enterprises. The domestic brand equity concept research mainly draws on the related research of foreign scholars. Although domestic scholars have different views on the translation of "Brand Equity", most scholars translate it as brand equity.